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The French National Association of the Towns and Regions of Art and History and Towns with protected areas (ANVPAH & VSSP) coordinated the publication of the Vademecum at the request and in close partnership with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, notably with the National Commission for Decentralised Cooperation.

This book is the result of a collective work, involving communities of all sizes and representatives of national institutions.

It intends to capitalize experiences developed in the framework of cooperation, knowledge and awareness of all international actions around the heritage. Elaborated from the experiences of communities, Vade Mecum is a practical tool for elected representatives and technicians who wish to engage internationally on the subject of heritage by gathering both methodological advice, tools, and practical examples presented by the authorities concerned. Thus they will find all the elements necessary for setting up decentralized cooperation around heritage.

You can download the Vade Mecum "Heritage and decentralized cooperation" in PDF format by clicking at the bottom of the page.

It is also available in French.

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