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Indo-French cooperation on heritage planning

An Indian delegation was received in the french Senate and in several cities members of the ANVPAH VSSP network from September 28 to October 4, 2010 in the framework of a traveling seminar.

This study tour is a continuation of the First Indo-French conference on decentralized cooperation held in New Delhi in January 2010, at the initiative of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Indian Ministry of urban Development in collaboration with the FRench National Association of towns and cRegions of art and history and Towns and protected areas (ANVPAH & VSSP) and Indian Heritage cities Network (IHCN).

The ANVPAH & VSSP hosted in its network thirty people representatives of communities and states in India in order to preesente them all the tools and French political heritage. The delegation, accompanied by representatives of UNESCO and IHCN network of Indian historical cities, have visit the cities of Besançon, Chinon, Lorient, Rennes, Strasbourg and Paris.

The discussion focused on how to respond to the challenges of sustainable development across the urban areas, local governance, innovative ways of territorial governance, heritage, culture and essential services to the population.


September 28

  • Visit the protected area of the Marais
  • Presentation of conservation tools in France and introduction to urban policy of the city of Paris

September 29

  • welcoming of the delegation in the french Senate
  • Presentation of the French-Indian cooperation and its challenges

September 30

group A

  • Besançon: Working time on the tools of urban planning, policy of the protected area and the conversion of military heritage.

group B

  • Rennes: Overview of the development policy of the city center with the latest operations in course.

October 1

group A

  • Besancon: Centre and periphery, movement and usage. The particular case of pedestrianization.
  • Strasbourg: Presentation of the transport policy

group B

  • Rennes: Presentation of the approach of the Rennes-metropolis in an operational framework and definition of urban management authority
  • Lorient: Visit of the port

October 2

group A

  • Strasbourg: Presentation of an example of rehabilitation and redevelopment of a neighborhood.

group B

  • Lorient: Presentation of the conversion policy, working time on economic issues in the framework of heritaage exchanges, rebuilted city and habitat issues in the history and current events.

October 3

Back to Paris for the conclusions of the seminar


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