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Indo-French cooperation on heritage planning

Organized closely with the France-UNESCO Convention, the seminar "The heritage at the heart of urban development policies’ aimed to observe the policies and tools for preservation and promotion of heritage in French cities, their integration into urban planning and, more broadly, the tools of management and urban development.

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Indian delegation in Paris (Marais)

The Indian delegation was composed of representatives of the Indian cities that as Ahmedabad, Bangalore / Hampi, Burhanpur, Gwalior, Indore, Maheswar, Pondicherry, Srinagar, Ujjain.

Thus 20 elected representatives and technicians of Indian communities participated in this traveling seminar which helped to address many issues on urban heritage from diverse case studies and testimonials from actors, elected representatives, technicians, experts highlighting the cross and multi-partnership approach of management heritage and providing directions for work relevant to future programs on investigative methods and tools for heritage policies.

Close links have been forged between communities who have expressed a mutual interest in working in decentralized cooperation. Following this seminar, cities and networks have decided to draft a joint statement sealing their commitments.

Topics covered

  • The protected area, a tool of French heritage planning
  • Urban planning, public spaces
  • Heritage at the heart of development and Regional Planning
  • The renovation of urban heritage, housing rehabilitation
  • A evolving economic heritage: the port
  • Heritage and tourism: what dynamics?
  • Urban transport: development tools in town
  • Urban management: What project for a lively and sustainable historic city?
  • The sewerage networks

Seminar program: September 27 to October 4, 2008

Meeting at the City of Architecture and Heritage

  • Visit the gallery of casts and CMAG
  • Presentation of the School of Chaillot and presentation of the cooperation of Chaillot School - Anna University Chennai
  • Exhibition of works of the studio Anna University Chennai - École de Chaillot on the architecture and urbanism of Chettinad

A heritage planning tool: the protected area of the Marais in Paris

  • Presentation of this planning tool: issues, regulation and planning of the evolution of historical center

Urban planning, public spaces: the experience of Rennes

  • Presentation of urban planning of Rennes
  • Presentation of Rennes, the Archipel City
  • Visit the historic center of Rennes
  • Visits banks of the Vilaine and Saint-Jacques de la Lande

Heritage at the heart of development and Regional Planning in Val de Loire

  • Manage a declared World Heritage Site: Mission Val de Loire
  • Visit the area of ​​the castle of Chaumont
  • Presentation of the urban project of Blois
  • Presentation of planning policy and beautification of the city of Tours

The renovation of urban heritage, rehabilitation of housing in La Rochelle

  • Case studies in the framework of a field visit: Dog house, operations Palace Street, Temple Street (pedestrian street), street Merciers, market square and the Cloister White Ladies

A evolving economic heritage: the ports of La Rochelle

  • Creation and development of the port and nautical tray
  • Link vieux Port, porte des Minimes

Tourism and heritage, what dynamics? : Experience La Rochelle

  • Tourism / heritage: a real resource
  • Conservation and promotion of heritage

Urban transport, moving tools in town: the experiences of La Rochelle and Bordeaux)

  • Mobility and accessibility to the city center
  • Mobility and public spaces in Bordeaux
  • Gentle movement and alternative

Urban management, what project for a Living and historic city sustainable? : Experience Bordeaux

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Indian delegation in Bordeaux
  • The urban project and its linkages with the historic center a World Heritage Site: the experience of Bordeaux

The Urban Community of Bordeaux, sewerage networks

  • Operation and mission of an urban community
  • Management of water and sewerage networks at the level of a large city


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