Association Nationale des Villes et Pays d’Art et d’Histoire et des Villes à Secteur Sauvegardé et Protégé

Skopje, caravansérail aujourd’hui galerie nationale d’art Skopje, carsija (bazar) Split, depuis le port de pêche Trogir, cité médiévale Ségou, Somono, îlot restauré en 2009 Ségou, détail intérieur d’une habitation Veliko Turnovo, rue Dolen, vue du village Pondichéry, échoppes Pondichéry, façade



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European conferences and inter-network

November 8, 2006, at the french National Assembly in Paris, for the first time, met all the cities with which partnerships have been formed to take stock of the actions carried out in South-East Europe.

Representatives of Macedonian and Romanian ministries, elected representatives of and technicians Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Croatian, Polish and Serbian cities have evidence of activities and discuss them.

Several European networks working on heritage also participated in the event: ICOMOS, Relais Culture Europe, United Cities France, Assembly of France departments, Heritage Without Borders ...

These events have strengthened existing partnerships and create new ones, as well as joint reflection on heritage policies, procedures, etc.

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