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The ANVPAH & VSSP participated in the international conference "Energy Management in Cultural Heritage", organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to Dubrovnik April 6-9, 2011.

The ANVPAH & VSSPpresented during the session S3 "Legislation and awareness," national exchange platform "old Built and sustainable development", conducted in partnership with the Caisse des Dépôts, the methodological guide developed with CETE East as well as the experiences of cities of Grenoble, Poitiers and Bayonne, including guides about recommendations for intervention in the rehabilitation of an old building.

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This conference allowed to exchange with technicians from many countries (Italy, Croatia, Great Britain, Spain, United States, Serbia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Qatar, Austria, France, Greece) on the different points of view and the technical solutions implemented during the presentation of many experiences on the following topics:

Opening Session P1: Energy Efficiency and heritage: utopia or reality?

P2 Session: Introduction to new technologies and scientific tools to improve the energy efficiency of historic monuments and old centers.

S1a: Plan of energy management and energy efficiency in old centers

S2a: Energy Efficiency in heritage buildings: presentation of case studies

S1b: Renewable energy and lighting energy performance in the old centers

S2b: Energy Efficiency in heritage buildings: presentation of case studies of draft project S2c: Energy Efficiency and heritage buildings: how to improve the building envelope?

S2d Energy Efficiency and heritage buildings : prevent moisture in historic monuments and traditional architecture

S2e Energy Efficiency and heritage buildings: improving heating systems and ventilation

S3: Legislation and sensitization

S4: How to finance energy efficiency projects in the heritage buildings?

The summary of interventions is available in the following brochure:

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