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Skopje, caravansérail aujourd’hui galerie nationale d’art Skopje, carsija (bazar) Split, depuis le port de pêche Trogir, cité médiévale Ségou, Somono, îlot restauré en 2009 Ségou, détail intérieur d’une habitation Veliko Turnovo, rue Dolen, vue du village Pondichéry, échoppes Pondichéry, façade
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The book Bazaars Ottoman Balkans was coordinated by the Balkan and ANVPAH & VSSP. It is the first networking bazaars, through a trip to the region. He reported their wealth, their evolution, their vitality but also their fragility: a heritage to preserve and live.

This book contribute to discover the fantastic heritage resources of the region, showing that the structures inherited from the past continue strongly to determine the appearance of the Balkan cities and their social practices.

We chose to evoke in this book, the vast historic buildings that have resisted at several centuries, in Skopje and Bitola, or who have been profoundly modified in Sarajevo as well as bazaars destroyed, such as Pljevlja, Montenegro.

At the extreme east of the area studied, in Komrat (autonomous region of Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova), we see that the space inherited from the Ottoman tradition used also for social purposes and organizations today.

The contributions collected in this book come from specialists (planners, historians, art historians, architects) but also journalists who mainly tried to identify the social uses of urban heritage and tradition.


Balkan Ottoman bazaars at the time by Bernard Lory

What’s new in Carsija? by Jean-Arnault Dérens

Sarajevo, the beautiful Ottoman by Simon Rico

Reconstruction of the bazaar of Sarajevo after the war of 1992-1995 by Nadia Capuzzo Djerkovic

Pljevlja, lost bazaar by Jean-Arnault Dérens and Laurent Geslin

The old Carsija of Novi Pazar by Sladjana Novosel

Prizren, the city of pashas by Nerimane Kamberi

The city and its absences: Skopje, Carsija by Fabio Mattioli

The Carsija of Skopje by Konstantin Dimitrovski Gashi and Xhavit

The old bazaar of Bitola by Nada Georgieva and Zoran Altiparmakov

Mouchars and killers in the bazaar of Bitola by Bernard Lory

The bazaars in Albania from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries by Emin Riza

Korca and its bazaar by Blerta Hyska

Veliko Turnovo by Donka Koleva

Komrat: the heart of Gagauzia beat in its bazaars by Mehdi Chebana

Ottoman heritage in Serbia Vranje, crossroads of the Balkans by Philippe Bertinchamps

Hans and caravanserais in Northern Greece by Eleni Gavra

Komotini, Ottoman city? by Joëlle Dalègre

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