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Others projects led by our members

Poitiers is part of the European project "Heritage as Opportunity" (HerO), in the framework of the European URBACT II program.

The official launch of the project took place in Poitier December 4and 5, 2008 attended by all its European partners namely: Regensburg (Germany), Graz (Austria), Liverpool (Great Britain), Lublin (Poland), Naples (Italy), Poitiers (France), Sighisoara (Romania), Valencia (Spain), Valletta (Malta) and Vilnius (Lithuania). This project, for a period of 30 months (late 2008 to early 2011), aims to preserve, enhance, restore the cultural, architectural and natural heritage of a city in a sustainable and cross development taking account the dimensions of a regional project (transport / mobility, environment, aesthetics, energy efficiency, tourism, economic development, accessibility, balance of urban functions).

The aim of the project is HerO to build projects that use land heritage, not only as cultural or tourist objects, but also as an important asset of innovative development, in line with residents expectations.

These include making constraints that can sometimes impose conservation, recovery, rehabilitation of heritage, an asset for urban development, thus contributing to the attractiveness of the city.

The inclusion of the Urban Community of Poitiers in this project is justified largely by the approach "Heart of agglomeration", which means cross-sectoral policies and processes mentioned.


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