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Skopje, caravansérail aujourd’hui galerie nationale d’art Skopje, carsija (bazar) Split, depuis le port de pêche Trogir, cité médiévale Ségou, Somono, îlot restauré en 2009 Ségou, détail intérieur d’une habitation Veliko Turnovo, rue Dolen, vue du village Pondichéry, échoppes Pondichéry, façade
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Partnership with the association of historic towns of Macedonia

The ANVPAH & VSSP is a partner of the Association of Historic Towns of Macedonia which it supported the creation. Chaired by the city of Veles, the Macedonian network includes tens communities in order to discuss about heritage policies.

The objectives of this network are:

  • Find helps and subventions for heritage restoration
  • gives appropriated tools for heritage restoration
  • promote the cultural heritage value
  • strengthen expertise in the areas of heritage within communities
  • setting up communication campaign about heritage protection

At the association meetings, Veles, in March 2006, Macedonian cities wished be based on actions undertaken in the Franco-Macedonian partnership with Skopje and Bitola:inventory of buildings, plan of heritage development, order to develop approach and knowleges.

The ANVPAH & VSSP has been solicited for:

  • support elected representatives and technicians of the Association of Cities of FYROM in the construction of their project
  • participate and conduct training programs for personnel involved in the revitalization of older centers
  • support the process of tourism and economic development based on Heritage
  • work on the future and the development of Bazaars of Macedonia from work realized on the Carsija of Skopje and Bitola

Both national networks exchange since 2005 on the protection and enhancement of historic centers. The partnership is currently focused on the implementation of a shared methodology about operational heritage inventory. Several missions in France and Macedonia are organized in order to identify relevant tools and methods for the management of the old centers in Macedonian cities, under an agreement with the Ministry of Culture.


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